Each room can present its own design problems

Mrs A had a staircase interfering with the line of wall units… We built around the staircase to match the high gloss white doors and were able to continue the line of cornice to frame the wall units. We included a curved base unit on the left and a tall angled unit on the right.

Mrs B wanted a continuous bank of tall units to disguise the chimney breast. Her pantry was of little use and was opened out making the kitchen feel more spacious. 

Mr C needed an L shaped corner cupboard at 85 degrees with a 300 and 400 door.

Mrs F wanted us to custom build a 700 wide 2 drawer pan unit next to a 450 3 drawer unit.

Mrs J wanted us to extend her existing wall cupboards from 720mm to 900mm creating an extra shelf in each unit. New worktops and 3 drawer pan unit completed the look.